Yes! It was a great day.

Saturday 20 April 2013 we had Open Studio day, proposed by Laara WilliamSen and with Kanwal Zafar, Lucia Joo and Felix J.Velando.

It was a very nice day, gentle and interesting.

Here some pictures…


One thought on “Yes! It was a great day.

  1. !Thank you so much for making possible the wonderful open studio! I enjoyed preparing with the other artists and especially enjoyed meeting so many interesting people from Rome and the local area. Also, Enrico prepared the most delicious foods for all of us to share! It is rare to find the combination of shared creative energy, time for relaxation,and the sense of family belonging that I discovered while at my artist residency at Ozu Cultural Centre in Italy. I thank Paola and Enrico and all the others who maintain and provide these excellent artist residencies!

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