Thank you Laara for your words and for sharing your work and thoughts. Waiting for you next year!

Laara WilliamSen's Blog

I love Italy!  Great people!  Great food!  And a HUGE STUDIO on a mountaintop!

Paola, the coordinator for the Ozu Cultural Centre is a wonderful host and immediately, I felt comfortable and welcome at Ozu!

On arrival, I was shown throughout the Ozu Cultural Centre and into a huge studio at least 35 feet by 60 feet with 25 foot ceilings which immediately stirred my creativity!  They had the wall already set up for my painting that I had requested and also the huge table with plastic for spreading out my paints on was all set to go!

In that moment, I felt truly joyful and knew that I would have many quiet hours of painting in the studio.  That first day Paolo took me to a wonderful art store and I bought a large roll of primed canvas.  The next day I measured and cut the canvas and…

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