not only chicory…

Not only chicory but also mauve, nettles, thistle, cardamine, sorrel, wild mustard…


After the wild weekend we had at OZU (1-2 june 2013), it will be really difficult to just cut the grass our gardens…

Dr. Uri took us for a walk around the uncultivated countryside, teaching us to identify and appreciate the indistinct sea of ​​”weeds”- so many precious plants that we have forgotten. We have tasted, chewed, drank, and enjoyed the memories which were rekindled. The stories and advice of grandparents have found their scientific confirmation and explanation.

Sunday lunch was a triumph of flavors and knowledge. In addition to the local wild herbs presented in a beautiful and unusual mallow and nettle soup with mutton, we could enjoy some Mediterranean spices including hyssop and sumac, and cereals such as bulgur and freekeh.

Thanks Dr. Uri and come visit us soon to continue this beautiful journey together.

Find out more about Uri’s work:


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