Changing Places, Different Faces

Changing Places, Different Faces is a trans-national project UK- Italy.

From 4th to 9th of July 2013, Dom, Barney, Michael, Luke, Henry, Tom, Josie, Freya, Daisy, Linzi and Mila from UK came to visit us and work on the project together with Cristina, Paolo, Adriano, Danilo, Beatrice, Stefano, Damiano, Edoardo, Marta and Emanuele from Monteleone.

The project aims to investigate the theme of emigration and immigration, through the theatre play of Arthur Miller “A view from the bridge” and through a series of video interviews to old emigrates from Italy and new immigrants to Italy.

The two groups of guys are investigating the themes of the project separately in their Countries, and during this first meeting they could finally put together their experiences and works.

Before leaving, the UK group exibithed some acts of the play for the audience of the village.

The next visit is planned for the end of October when the Italian group will go to UK for the public launch of the play and of the video.

Go on like that and good luck guys!


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