Lucia’s yellow touch…

In recent years many of our guests have expressed a desire to return sooner or later, and some have actually done so.
But undoubtedly Lucia was the one who came back in the shortest time!
And to our great joy she invaded the studio with her gestures of ink, coffee, tea and patience. This time contaminated with a touch of yellow. And we like to think that the yellow was inspired by OZU … even if she had different intentions
She also gave us a glimpse to her work with thin black wire and we thank her for that.

We had another opportunity to take some more photos. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Lucia’s yellow touch…

  1. thank you paola and enrico!!!!!!!! how are you guys doing? miss you a bunch!!!!!!!!! yea i finally decided to relocate to LA. readjusting to LA one by one…….

    hope all is well for you and the OZU family!

    love, lucia =)

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