215 Years

Life, Death and Miracles of 1799

By Alfonso Sessa

10 years after the French revolution a small bunch of intellectuals, poets, journalists, lawmakers, revolted against Ferdinando IV of Borbone.

A noble woman established a newspaper: unfortunately the people was illiterate.

An eminent lawmaker wrote the first constitution of the Republic of Naples: unfortunately the Neapolitans were monarchist.

A doctor of the Borbone’s court decided to cure the wounds of the poor. unfortunately they already became gangrene.

An admiral of the royal fleet directed the rudder away from that cruel sea: unfortunately the gulf swallowed him before he sailed away.

The only miracle of 1799 was the liquefaction of Saint Gennaro blood,

while the blood of the poor people, remained solid, a big stone that still makes us trip over.

21 June 2014: a table for the revolution

A small bunch of artists, programmers, innovators, dreamers gathered together in Monteposillipo Sabino..

vlcsnap-2014-06-23-22h13m14s0 copia

it is dark

vlcsnap-2014-06-23-22h14m03s187 copia

it is dangerous


it is mysterious

vlcsnap-2014-06-23-22h21m35s46 copia

it is touching


the small bunch of people wanted to pay a respect to another small bunch of people and to their ancient story of courage, hope, new way and freedom.

Sometimes revolutions work and open a new path to better possibilities. some times they don’t.

We still believe people should keep trying.

Now lets raise a toast for la Marchesa Pimentel or like we prefer to call her Donna Lionò!


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