Sandro Fogli

At OZU in May 2013.

To find yourself pretending that you are searching someone else.

During these days, Sandro is looking for himself in the eyes of anyone who encounters. It is certainly a laic research, still it does not disdain the classic places of peace like hermitages, monasteries and communities.

A long tour (by bike!) led him in the north of Lazio, and soon after to Amatrice. Here he went through the valley of Turano, uphill and downhill, descending and ascending and finally reaching Ozu. A community, yes, but not really a place of peace, perhaps a meeting place, a place where finally be different but equal, living parts of the same route.
Along the way, Sandro found many friendly people, a great deal of empathy.
What else can we wish him, if not a good trip …
Sandro Fogli is a Roman photographer who likes to explore reality (inside and outside of himself), and represent it with every new technical equipment that comes: every new medium brings a new expressive language through which to communicate emotions, thoughts and concepts.
In 1980 he abandoned his law studies, and entirely devoted himself to photography, especially advertising.
Five years after he was one of the founders of Box 4, a Roman factory of photos, graphics and more.
He was director of photography on many shorts, commercials and video clips, he has exhibited his photographic projects, participated in video festival, created spaces for meeting and discussion, as Raccolta Multimedia …
In short, go and read his biography. You will find it full and thick of things and ideas.

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