room to communicate

For me, the artistic process is primarily based on communication and expression. I think Synergistic Improvisation can be an opportunity for artists from different fields to come together in a multidisciplinary way that has the potential to open new approaches and inspirations. Synergistic Improvisation Workshop 27 April – 2 May 2015 at OZU The workshop is open […]

spazio per comunicare

Il processo artistico è prima di tutto basato sulla comunicazione e l’espressione, e credo che l’Improvvisazione Sinergica possa essere un’opportunità per artisti provenienti da diversi settori di incontrarsi e creare in un modo multidisciplinare che possa potenzialmente aprire nuove vie ed ispirazioni. Synergistic Improvisation Workshop 27 aprile – 2 maggio 2015 presso OZU WORKSHOP RESIDENZIALE DI IMPROVVISAZIONE SINERGICA per artisti di […]

free to write

Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy – your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself. Annie Leibovitz Lighting up the landscape 4-11 October 2015 A Creative Writing Course at OZU, Italy with Sheree Mack Sagra delle Words is offering a free place on […]

dinner with the writers

Table is set. Some water, papers and pencils. And wine of course. Writers are ready. And guests too. A short movie will follow, but, in the mean time, we like to remember the great emotion of that evening. And catch the occasion to invite you to next year edition: Lighting up the landscape. Bookings are open! […]

and the poets put their music on!!

well, they crossed the door, they looked inside, some of them gave and got a big hug. (some visited us for the second time, which means hugs were absolutely welcomed) they brought along tea time and a great wind all the way from the united kingdom. their british-scottish bubble was so powerful and cheerful that between the words […]

food, wine and poetry

Writers are finally here, and they are working really hard. Le scrittrici finalmente sono arrivate e stanno lavorando duro. They are writing and writing. Scrivono e scrivono. And writing and writing. E scrivono e scrivono. Everywhere and always. Dappertutto e sempre. And they are looking forward to share some of their writing with you. E non vedono l’ora […]

words words words

words, words, words. one and another one make 2 words. if you put the third and the fourth it might become a sentence. more words to accompany that sentence will be the skeleton of a story. if you will choose them wisely, you might have a great story with head and toes a tail and a good stomach. and […]