Sleeping and living facilities

OZU is a sort of a little community, a mix between a big family and a creative lab. In OZU regularly live 3/5 people, who work here as well (in different artistic fields) and run the place. The situation is very informal and flexible, and with a big spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm. We love to eat all together, to meet other people and share experiences.

Life in OZU is co-housing style, there for we welcome people who wish to experience that.

Accommodation for our guests is provided in private or shared room, or in dorm, accordingly to availability and to the needs of each guest. Rooms are minimally furnished. Toilets/bathrooms are always shared. There is a common and fully equipped kitchen.

OZU is not set up like a hotel, so please expect a “not standard” place!

Our Dorm is a big and light room where we can accommodate up to 10 people. The room is equipped with 5 bunk beds and curtains among the beds to ensure some privacy to our guests. There is one bathroom with toilet and shower directly facing the dorm. Dorm is coed, it is open to all our guests and it is particularly suitable for groups.

The Blue room is a smaller room available to our guests. It can accommodate up to 4 people and it can be equipped with a double bed or with single and bunk beds accordingly to necessity.

In the living area there are 3 bathrooms/toilets. They all are shared.

A small kitchen on the floor is available to satisfy basic needs of our guests.

On the ground floor, a large and fully equipped kitchen is always open and can accommodate up to 20 people.

Please note: due to our isolated location and above all to our convivial philosophy, we usually do all the shopping, we cook and we eat together (lunches and dinners, vegetarian or not are mainly prepared with local organic products), but we’re not a restaurant! And if you like to cook, you’re more then welcome to cook your specialities sometimes!

Internet wifi connection is available for our guests in the office area, in the kitchen and in part of the living area.

A wide selection of books and movies is always available in our Relaxing room, where everybody is welcome to rest and relax.


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