How to apply

Since OZU is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, artists and guest willing to participate in our residency program are requested to cover the expenses of their travel and they will have to provide to all the materials they will need for their work.

OZU will guarantee free working space, including all the facilities of the building. Every artist and guest will be asked to cover the costs of his/her accommodation and food with a contribution to OZU cultural centre.


Please note: due to our isolated location and above all to our convivial philosophy, we usually do all the shopping, we cook and we eat together (lunches and dinners, vegetarian or not are mainly prepared with local organic products), but we’re not a restaurant! And if you like to cook, you’re more then welcome to cook your specialities sometimes!

If you wish to participate in our residency you just have to agree with our spirit and once we will arrange the period, you will be asked to send us a deposit (30% of the total) to have your place booked.

Please, send an email to:


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