How to get here

If you are travelling by car

Exit the highway A1 at Fiano Romano (Roma Nord).

Follow direction Rieti. Drive threw Salaria street – direction Rieti.

Take the exit at km 56.

Follow the signs to Monteleone. After approximately 2 kilometers turn right always following the signs indicating Monteleone.

Once close to the village, instead of reaching the centre of Monteleone, you have to follow the sings indicating Oliveto and Lago del Turano.

After one km you will pass the graveyard. Turn left just behind it. It is a very narrow road called Via Madoni. Follow it all the way and then turn left again at the T-junction. Keep going on this road for another kilometer.

Finally you will see on your left, a sign saying Largo Moricone Zona Artigianale and a sign saying OZU. Go down the asphalt road and after 100 meters, you have arrived at Ozu.

If you are travelling by public transport

Reach TIBURTINA station in Rome. TIBURTINA station is pretty well connected: trains from a lot of Italian cities are stopping there.

A train from Fiumicino airport is stopping at TIBURTINA station.

If you are landing in Ciampino Airport, you can take a shuttle buse to ROMA TERMINI and from there, reach TIBURTINA by METRO (line B).

If you are already in Rome or if you are arriving by train in ROMA TERMINI, you can reach TIBURTINA by METRO (line B).

Once in TIBURTINA station, you have to take the bus to Rieti, that is leaving from the square in front of TIBURTINA station.

You can buy the bus ticket in the newspaper shop inside TIBURTINA station, NOT on the bus! The cost of the ticket is about 3 Euro.

You have to get off the bus at OSTERIA NUOVA stop (you must ask the bus driver to let you know because there are no signs). The bus usually takes 1 hour to reach OSTERIA NUOVA (but it really depends on the traffic).

When you reach OSTERIA NUOVA, call us, and we’ll pick you up by car.

You can find a public phone at the bar “NEMO DUBITAT” or close to the bridge crossing Salaria road, and Via delle Cave.

Numbers to call:

+39 3480044789 (paola cell. phone)

+39 0765885027 (OZU landline)

If needed we can arrange to pick you up at Fara Sabina train station (direct train from Fiumicino Airport) and this will cost you 20 Euro as fuel reimboursement.
If you need to be picked up at the Airport (Ciampino or Fiumicino) this also can be arranged and it will cost 40 Euro as fuel, highway and parking reimboursement.



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