Working facilities

OZU is an industrial building of 1.250 square metres. Previously, it was a printing factory and then a sweet (candy) factory.
The building has been completely restored and equipped for its new needs, becoming a multifunctional and versatile cultural space.

The space is ideal for any artist or anyone wishing to enjoy the fresh, clean country air, and the wonders of nature, combined with an exchange with other artists.

OZU is a laboratory for production, a place for exchange, encounter and collaboration, with the aim to nourish everyone creative freedom. It is a place in which to develop new and innovative cultural programmes and activities.

Above all OZU is an open group of people who are active in a shared space, with different attitudes and skills, enabling positive synergies.

OZU building is composed of 3 big studios (250 square metres each), an office area and a living area.

Our spaces and facilities are suitable for various disciplines: visual art, sculpture, ceramics, dance, theatre, performing arts, literature, film making, photography.

The resources that can be found in OZU are: Internet connection, library, office, kitchen, ceramics facilities, photographic facilities, dancing floor.

To have a much clear idea of the spaces please check here:

The multifunctional space (room nr. 3) is 25 x 10 metres (82×33 feet).
It can be subdivided into smaller spaces if required.
The room is completely empty, but furniture, staging or other needs can be arranged as required.

Room nr. 3 is a multifunctional space that can be used as:

  • studio to work with any kind of material
  • rehearsal room (dance floor is available)
  • space for exhibitions
  • space for presenting shows
  • space for each different needs

Working space is usually shared, but, if needed, different solution can be arranged.

Artists’ work presentation can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Working languages in OZU are: English, French and Italian.


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