215 Years

Life, Death and Miracles of 1799 By Alfonso Sessa 10 years after the French revolution a small bunch of intellectuals, poets, journalists, lawmakers, revolted against Ferdinando IV of Borbone. A noble woman established a newspaper: unfortunately the people was illiterate. An eminent lawmaker wrote the first constitution of the Republic of Naples: unfortunately the Neapolitans were monarchist. A doctor of the Borbone’s court decided to cure the […]

Adrift in the landscape: a free place is offered!

Do you like to write? Do you want to write? Do you need to write? Adrift in the landscape: place and writing is a Creative Writing Course lead by Sheree Mack that will take place 12 to 19 October 2014 at OZU cultural center, Italy. We are offering a free place on this retreat! “In every out-thrust headland, […]

Talking to wheat – an Italian weekend with Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick

Getting to know the people, the food, the crafts and the culture It is all about us, our bodies and our health. (And of course our community, environment and nature) Don’t you think we should have a good experience with every single crumble we put in our mouth? Don’t you think we could live in symbiosis with […]

Changing Places, Different Faces

Changing Places, Different Faces is a trans-national project UK- Italy. From 4th to 9th of July 2013, Dom, Barney, Michael, Luke, Henry, Tom, Josie, Freya, Daisy, Linzi and Mila from UK came to visit us and work on the project together with Cristina, Paolo, Adriano, Danilo, Beatrice, Stefano, Damiano, Edoardo, Marta and Emanuele from Monteleone. The […]

not only chicory…

Not only chicory but also mauve, nettles, thistle, cardamine, sorrel, wild mustard… After the wild weekend we had at OZU (1-2 june 2013), it will be really difficult to just cut the grass our gardens… Dr. Uri took us for a walk around the uncultivated countryside, teaching us to identify and appreciate the indistinct sea […]

non solo cicoria…

…ma anche malva, ortica, sambuco, cardo, tarassaco, silenella, aglio orsino, borsa del pastore, cardamine, romice, senape selvatica… Dopo questo nostro week-end selvatico ci sarà molto difficile tagliare l’erba in giardino… Il Dr. Uri ci ha accompagnato a passeggiare tra gli angoli incolti della campagna, insegnandoci a riconoscere tra l’indistinto mare di “erbacce” tante preziose piante […]