Anita Lee and Michael McLaughlin

At OZU in April 2013

Anita and Michael are a couple of artists based in Mexico. They moved there from California and they spent two weeks at OZU as part of their “Grand Tour” of Mediterranean. They are travelling all around Europe, North Africa and Middle East, and OZU became one of their Italian stops.

During their residency they worked on their on going projects.

Michael is a writer, a performer and since he arrived at OZU he became also a superhero: Super Michael to be precise! Anita is a visual artist: painter, graphic designer, and great walker. They are travelling with 3 big bags and one of them is filled with art supplies…

While here, they used to make long walks taking pictures, and then once back at OZU Anita painted some “very Italian” landscapes with oil and acrylic techniques while Michael was writing.

Anita blog:

Anita & Michael’s travels:


One thought on “Anita Lee and Michael McLaughlin

  1. We had a wonderful time at Ozu. The area is gorgeous with amazing vistas and lovely walks. Enrico is a great cook and meals were too good. Paola was always helpful and great to interact with. I would highly recommend Ozu. We are so glad we went. It gave us a view of Italy far removed from the big cities.

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