Smitha Cariappa

At OZU in May 2008

Smitha Cariappa is an artist based in Bangalore, South India. With an initial background in painting (M.F.A.) through experimentation she moved into installation. In her installations she collaborated with contemporary dancer and she put herself in the artwork and the process got into performance art. Since 2002 she uses her body has a sculptural mode of communication. She works in live performance and performance video.


“The walk+the wheelbarrow+the grassland” is an interactive artwork. The audience participates walking in the grassland marked by the artist.
The audience can use the wheelbarrow  and create the walking mark on the grassland further.

The work is not a land  or environmental  artwork but a performance. The artist self-documentation of the 3 to 4 hours walk with the wheelbarrow and marking trails on the grassland for 11 days is a work in progress. The early work was of 5 hours walk for 17 days in the forest in Herzberg, Aarau, Switzerland, March 2007.


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